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Floor Sanding and Refinish Services

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Hardwood Floor Installation and Repairing Services

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House Building Services

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What to expect with a Home Remodeling Project in Hiram GA

What is the difference between design and estimate agreement?

Estimates are usually free and give an introductory price regarding your project. Estimates usually include a price for an entire project.

Design agreements are usually for classical home improvements, and the design process can always be changed. Such agreements are for designing portions.

How does home renovation help me?

Renovating and remodeling your home can have many benefits. From an improved design of your home to a higher investment rate.

Remodeling projects usually increase the appeal and price of your estate. The best part is that our experts provide lifelong materials, which are a great investment for your home.

How long will my project take?

Depending on the project, design and materials required, the timeframe always differs. Some small project such as small room renovations take anywhere from a week to a full month.

When visiting your home, we discuss your project, and give a realistic timeframe. However, it can always differ with a few days from the expected timeframe.

What budget should I prepare for my remodeling project?

As each project is different, the prices will also differ. Having a straight budget may cause interruptions in the remodeling process.

To manage and set your budget, you can speak with one of our representatives. We can review your project, and provide you with a realistic price estimate.