Laminate Remodeling Services Suwanee GA

Are you looking for a professional team, to change your old boring floor with a good-looking laminate?

Nowadays laminate and vinyl floors are beginning to rise and become trendy. They are more sustainable and can last between 15 and 30 years, with just minimal damage.

There are several different models to select from, and professionals can install it for you.

With our professional laminate remodeling services in Suwanee GA, you can turn your old floor into a good investment and enjoy it.

We have been installing floors for many years now, and we are adept experts. If you have a special floor installation need, we are ready to assist you.

But before we show you custom choices and why you can trust us, we would like to explain why laminate is a good investment for your house.

Renovate your home with professional laminate services in Suwanee GA

Laminate is one of the most popular options for house floors. It is very durable and meant for homes with animals and big families.

It is designed with a durable wear layer and can be stronger than most solid hardwoods and vinyl floor coverings.

Laminate and vinyl are relatively difficult to get scratched by animals, children, or any other mishaps that occur in your home. The floor does not get injured easily in direct sunlight.

The vinyl and water-resistant design of laminated and vinyl planks is increasing the plastic and rubber flooring’s popularity. It is hardly waterproof, however, making it undesirable for locations where moisture or wetness might build up.

Fitting laminate is very easy, and it can be installed in almost no time, which is very important for house owners. However, installations will require a professional, which can fit the flooring and make it even from all sides.

That’s why Precision Remodeling can help you with your project. We’re experts in flooring installation.

Our floor remodeling company has been in the field for 10 years, and we continue to take on the hardest projects, and make homeowners happy with their investment.

And once you start your laminate remodeling services with us, the rest will be easy for you.

We will assist you from the beginning of the project and help you with the designs. After that, we will walk you through the rest of the steps, and can always make changes until the project has finished.

Once everything has finished, our floor installation company can dispose of your unused materials, or collect them for future usage on your next project.

How do our Laminate Installation Services in Suwanee GA Work?

●        In most cases is important to bring the materials and let them acclimate for a few days before installing;

●        We start with any necessary demolition of existing flooring and subfloor preparation. In this step we will inspect and recommend if any additional work is required before the flooring installation as well as if any squeaks can be removed or should be addressed by the framer;

●        Depending on the type of flooring and method required/selected to be installed we will staple (nail down), glue, or float the flooring of your choice;

●        After choosing the direction and pattern we will align and start the installation by laying the pieces and interlocking them accordingly;

●        After completion of the installation, we will install the necessary transition strips, wall trims, and debris cleaning.

What do our Laminate installation services in Suwanee GA offer

Laminate Installation – Install luxury laminate in your home, which can be of any color and design of your choice.

Laminate Floor Repairs – Repair any damaged or broken laminate floors, by entirely disposing of the damaged ones and adding brand-new and more efficient ones.

Custom Laminate solutions – Choose between all types of laminate and create your own unique design, which we can install on your floor.

Floor removal – Remove your old floors, which are damaged or unwanted, and prepare them for any other type of floor installation.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Laminate installation services in Suwanee GA

How much time does laminate flooring take?

The project completion time is usually provided after measuring flooring, and installation needs. Laminate and Vinyl usually offer a quick and easy installation. However projects vary between each home.

Can I install laminate on my own?

Installing laminate on your own can seem easy, however, the completion time will be slower, and the project may not go well. While flooring coverings are easy, it is best to take advantage of a professional.

By hiring our professional laminate installation team, you get the exact results, and save money on materials, equipment, and time.

What needs to be done before Installing laminate flooring?

Before installing your laminate flooring, our experts remove shoe molding and baseboards. We make sure the floor is clean and at an even level. We never rush installing laminate floors, until the area is soft, and no the flooring will not suffer damages on installation.