Kitchen Remodeling Powder Springs GA

Would you like to remodel your kitchen and turn it into a dream place?

With our kitchen remodeling services in Powder Springs GA, you can have any kitchen in the world.

We can fully renovate your old kitchen and its appliances, regardless of their age or condition, by adding new ones to them.

From customized architectural fixups and counter-top installations to wall murals, flooring, and the full range of tile installations, you can rely on us to take care of it.

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Renovate your kitchen in Powder Springs GA

We from Precision Remodeling have been handling kitchen renovation projects for more than 10 years, and we know what you and your home need.

Every kitchen will have to have some changes once in a while. Sometimes your appliances don’t give you the option to add a dishwasher or a bigger storage space.

That’s why we offer the most cost-affordable custom solutions in the whole Powder Springs GA area.

We can turn every hard project into an easy step-by-step process, which will require just a bit of your time to visualize with us how your kitchen will look after remodeling.

Because they give us such vital feedback, our clients are our main priority, and we love to discuss every step of the process and have them feel how our services can create superior results for every property.

And if the room looks too small for the kitchen remodeling required, we can always expand it if possible.

Affordable Kitchen Remodeling in Powder Springs, GA

Precision-Remodeling offers the most affordable kitchen renovation services in Powder Springs, GA. By combining quality materials with skilled renovators, you receive the best designed kitchen.

We understand how important is to have a good looking kitchen. That’s why we have an experienced team to help you transform your ktichen to the most desirable one. To top of things, we offer great designs on cost efficient budgets.

Once you start working with our team, we can help with material ordering, and delivery.

What do our kitchen remodeling services in Powder Springs GA offer

Cabinet replacement – Replace your old kitchen cabinet with a newer one of your choice. We can even customize your cabinet so it can fit better.

Cabinet paint – Every cabinet deserves good paint to look more stylish. With our professional painting materials, every color variation is possible.

Countertop installation – Find the perfect fitting countertop for your kitchen and install it in your desired place with any appliance you require.

Appliances installation – Our appliance installation services can help all your needs such as oven installations, dishwashers, fryers, walk-in coolers, and dispensers.

Faucet installation – Faucet installation services for your bathroom including your sink, bathroom, shower, and others. This service would require you to hire a professional plumber, but we can always dispatch one for you.

Recessed lights installation – Install recessed lights on a custom and stylish ceiling, with the option of adjustable light in the room.

Pendant light installation – Pendant lights are becoming extremely popular and stylish, as you can choose from so many available models. After you have chosen the pendant lights you like most, we can install them on your ceiling.

Countertop installation – Install any kind of countertop or kitchen island in your house’s kitchen. Our remodeling company offers granite, marble, and quartz as the most popular choices, but we offer other solutions also.

Wall and floor tile installation – Install the same or different kinds of tiles to create a beautiful bathroom and floor tile mashup.

Tile backsplash – Measure the square footage of your home and install any tile backsplash floor with the color variation of your choice.

Floor installation – Professional floor installation services, which can help you achieve your perfect hardwood, tiles, engineered wood, vinyl, laminate, or any other kitchen floors.

Painting Services – For those who prefer painting over tile installations, we can make a mix of or use one color of special paint used especially for kitchens.

Cabinet installation – Design and install custom cabinets in your kitchen.

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Each call made from our website will ensure you 15% off from your order

Working Hours

Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 21:00

Saturday to Sunday: 08:00 – 20:00

We accept any remodeling calls in Georgia for any of our 50+ supported areas

Frequently Asked Questions About our Kitchen Remodeling Services in Powder Springs GA

How long does a kitchen remodeling project take?

Different projects take different amounts of time to complete. While renovating a kitchen, several factors take role in how long your project will take. Availability of the materials and customization play the hugest role in timeframes, and usually, it takes between 8 to 10 weeks.

Will kitchen remodeling add value to my home?

Any renovation project will improve the value of your home. While some debate on the value added, we can assure that the minimum added value is estimated at 20%.

How can I remodel my kitchen on a budget?

Kitchen remodeling on tight budget can be often hard. However, it is possible when remodeling in periodically, rather than completing all at once.