Wood Floor Galore: Home Remodeling Costs

Wood Floor Galore

Wood flooring is popular because it gives the home a warm feel and a timeless look.

There are a few options when looking to lay new wood floor in your home:

  • solid hardwood
  • engineered wood
  • laminate flooring

Solid hardwood is solid all the way through from top to bottom, as the name implies. This type of wood floor can come unfinished or prefinished– unfinished being a more low cost option but requires sanding, staining and sealing after installation.

Engineered wood is a mix of plywood and finished wood. The top layer is finished wood and the remaining 80-90 percent underneath is the plywood. This type of floor can be installed as a floating floor, but can only be sanded once or twice without penetrating the top finished layer. Deep scratches or dents cannot be sanded out.

Laminate flooringĀ is not real wood, but it is an amazing simulation of wood. The top resin layer is like a photograph of wood– basically it looks like real wood. Some advantages include: it is scratch-resistant, it works well in topically moist environments like kitchens and bathrooms where as wood flooring does not, and it is easy to install. This type of flooring cannot be sanded.

While there are a few different options, you may want to think about which type may work best for you and then contact us for further advice!

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Wood Floor Galore

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