Home Remodeling: What to look for when choosing a contractor to remodel your home

What to look for when choosing a contractor to remodel your home

Home Remodeling: What to think about BEFORE the job begins

As more homeowners prepare to tackle home improvement projects this year, Consumer Reports, which recently conducted a poll on Home Remodeling, points to the most common mistakes homeowners make when dealing with contractors and conducting the project:

Don’t rush in. Make sure you carefully plan the whole project, and are 100% sure that you will be satisfied with the final result and the home remodeling services. Making changes to the project “on-the-fly” is the costliest mistake homeowners make. It can add in average of $1,500 to kitchen projects and $650 to bath remodels.

Prepare for the unexpected. As the work begins some new problems might be uncovered. When walls are stripped, things like water damage, mold or pest infestation may surface. Good contractors are able to anticipate some of the problems and allow the homeowner to adjust the budget. Consumer Reports reveals that water damage was an issue with 17 percent of bathroom remodels, and structural problems delayed 10 percent of kitchen projects.

Don’t chase the lowballs. What seems to be cheap initially may end up costing more. To compete in a tight market contractors lower their profit margin, but will make up their costs in labor or other areas. According to the Consumer Report poll, readers who went for the lowball spent in average $1,500 extra on their kitchens and $1,000 extra on their bathrooms. Make sure the contract specifies amounts for products and materials before you sign. Avoid signing contracts with too many “allowances”.

Focus on the boring bits. The tedious details no one wants to think about are the ones that will usually make a difference between a successful remodeling experience and a tragic one. Things like the proper placement of outlets for appliances and electronics, task lighting, the proper fan for a bathroom, or even determining a place for the garbage can are usually overlooked in projects but will prove to be fundamental later on in home remodeling designs. Changes made after the remodeling job is concluded are usually a costly hassle.

Home Remodeling: What to think about BEFORE the job begins…

Source: http://www.consumerreports.org/

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